Done Deal: Baron Davis Verbally Agrees With The Clippers

Update: The Warriors respond and offer Gilbert Arenas a max contract: all the news here.

Shocking the world by opting out yesterday, ESPN has reported that Baron Davis has shocked us all again and inked a 5-year, $65-million dollar deal with the LA Clippers.

All of this is obviously pending the July 9th deadline for signing free agents, but this is big, big news for the Clippers, providing a clear message to both Elton Brand (we want you) and to Corey Maggette (adios, see you at Disney World).

Needless to say, this is huge news for the NBA. This off-season, once looked upon as stagnant, now looks a lot more interesting; the Warriors — and their uptempo style — get some cap space, and the Clippers, with their new star addition, will look to make a move for a big time mid-level signing.

Likewise, you’ve got to think this makes Maggette a goner — and with news of interest from Orlando, this is definitely a space to watch in the next couple of days.

As always, The Sport Count will keep you updated on all the news and views once we learn more.

Posted By: James

~ by James Hova on July 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Done Deal: Baron Davis Verbally Agrees With The Clippers”

  1. why is this “huge news for the nba”? It’s huge news in the positive for the Clippers, and huge news for the Warriors in the negative (or maybe not -we’ll see how they respond )…the rest of the nba goes with the flow…

  2. Disagree Daniel. I think this sets a lot of free agent moment in action which wouldn’t necessarily have taken place.

    You’ve got GSW; who are an attractive destination with a bunch of cap room, a few prominent free agents and I think this is setting the tone for big movement.

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